Coming Summer 2024.

Museum House is a collection of over 500 rental homes, designed for inspired living. Comprised of a North and South Tower, the project includes rooftop level and third floor amenities, and Westbank Living programming for an experience that is entirely unique.



We created Westbank Living because we see the need for homes that can respond in a short amount of time to our city’s changing needs. Homes that recognize the transition of our housing market led by the growth of the creative economy. What we are offering is more than a typical rental project, we have created beautiful, creative living spaces for lease. These homes are pet-friendly, with exceptional amenities and offer flexible lease terms. The Lauren was our first Westbank Living project but a continuation of our long tradition of creating high quality, exceptionally designed homes in culturally vibrant neighborhoods. Today, our portfolio has grown to include several more projects in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Seattle, with plans for further expansion.

Our homes range from large-scale, mixed-use communities, to smaller scale towers and flexible, short term homes, but each are created in recognition that the homes we build must be capable of adapting to society’s changing needs, as we rethink the way we live and the spaces we live within.

Museum House is the first available Westbank Living rental project in Seattle.

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