Museum House is part of the First Hill, a largescale net zero carbon initiative in Seattle. Led by Westbank and Creative Energy, First Hill’s truly unique district energy system will not only provide renewable and resilient energy for its immediate residents, but will also serve as the catalyst to decarbonize the broader neighbourhood, with its planned expansion leading the transition towards a post-carbon future.


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Creative Energy owns and operates one of the largest district energy systems in North America. Since 1968, Creative Energy has been delivering outstanding customer service with a 99.99% reliability record; the original plant in downtown Vancouver now serves over 215 customers across more than 45 million sf of space. Since 2014, Creative Energy has been expanding its network across Vancouver, Toronto and the United States.

Creative Energy designs, builds, finances, owns, operates, and maintains sustainable neighborhood scale energy systems that support responsible development, business value, and community growth. Through premier end-to-end service, they extend the benefits of district energy with rate certainty, quality of service and carbon reduction by utilizing an array of technologies to develop district systems.

With a mission to decarbonize the built environment, Creative Energy is currently developing several new low-carbon district energy projects across North America with a breadth of innovative technologies such as heat recovery, geo-exchange, ocean-exchange, co-generation, microgrids, and more. In addition to new projects, Creative Energy is undertaking a significant redevelopment of the original downtown Vancouver plant that will decarbonize a portion of the steam supply, offsetting over 38,000 tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions and providing low-carbon heating for an additional 25 million ft² of real estate. Estimated to be completed by 2024, the modernization of the original 720 Beatty Street plant is one of the largest fuel-switch projects in North America.